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Commercial Fountains in Charlotte

It can be hard to find large attractive objects that are equal parts eye-catching and environmentally friendly. Even a luscious and well-groomed landscape with hedges trimmed in creative ways isn’t always environmentally friendly. That might be hard to believe, but just consider how much fertilizer, pesticides, lawn mowing and water can go into maintaining a rich landscape!

Have you ever considered installing a commercial water fountain in front of your building? What about in the building’s lobby? The eloquence that a commercial fountain can give your business is unrivaled. Other than the sheer beauty of an indoor or outdoor water fountain, what else makes it stand out? They’re uncommon. Just think about it. You don’t see pond water fountains or three-tier water fountains in front of every building, do you? No. Those fountains are only installed by the most prestigious property owners in a community.

If you already have a fountain on your premises, why not give Pools & Fountains By Sandy a call for its next round of maintenance? We aren’t newcomers to the world of fountain maintenance. We’ve been performing commercial fountain maintenance for 17 years and intend on being in business for years and years to come.

Commercial Fountain Repairs

It should come as no surprise that fountains and water features require regular servicing and maintenance. Nothing great every remains great without a little bit of upkeep and attention, after all.

That said, as a business or property owner in the Charlotte area, we know you already have a lot on your plate. Between managing your property, living your own life, and more, how do you have time to see if your fountain is in disrepair?

We also know that most people are not licensed and trained in the field of commercial fountain maintenance. It isn’t up to you to know the intricacies of your water fountain system—it is up to us!

So what’s the best thing you can do for your property’s fountain? Call Pools & Fountains By Sandy, that’s what! Our highly trained staff will assist you with all your fountain needs. Do you need to replace your fountain’s motor? No problem! Have your fountain lights died? Give us a call and we’ll replace them!

Outdoor and Indoor Fountain Maintenance Services

Does the semi-regular need for fountain repairs, or even the prospect of emergency repairs, stress you out? Well, it probably puts stress on your fountain too. What’s the best way to combat the typical problems like non-functioning equipment, dirty filters, and dirty pump baskets? With regularly scheduled routine maintenance! Pools & Fountains By Sandy provides maintenance to indoor and outdoor fountains all over the Charlotte area.

Many fountain owners will ignore things like water chemistry. They think that just because people aren’t swimming in the water that it doesn’t matter how off-balance pH levels are. But the pH and chlorine levels in your fountain are important for the preservation and health of the fountain’s tiles and finishes!

Emergency Outdoor Fountain Repair Services

Has your property’s fountain begun to malfunction? If you think your submersible pump or VFD drive is not working properly, don’t hesitate to give Pools & Fountains By Sandy a call!